The 3rd Dissemination Event of the TIMMOD project was organized on Friday, 28th of May 2021, as an online meeting in the ZOOM platform. The event was organized in the Greek language for Greek speaking audience, and it was virtually hosted by Project Partner 3 – Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTh), in Thessaloniki, Greece. There were 39 officially registered attendees and reached up to 17 simultaneous participants, representing different external experts’ institutions and national stakeholder organizations from Greece.

The aim was to present the TIMMOD project in a nutshell in front of different local stakeholders and interested parties. The main goals, activities, and expected results of the TIMMOD project were presented with a focus on the activities led by AUTh and the ongoing tasks within the project. Participants from different stakeholder and academic organizations, such as ScientAct company, AUTh Biology Department, International Hellenic University, University of the Aegean, etc. showed great interested in the project. The application of modern innovative technologies for modelling applications and data sharing and dissemination via web-GIS referring to Black Sea water quality and living resources were the most discussed topics. The next Dissemination Event of the TIMMOD project is going to take place in Varna, Bulgaria in July 2021.

TIMMOD activities at a glance

Group Activity T1

Inventory and promotion of innovative environmental monitoring technologies for assessment of fish stock and non fish living resources. This activity aims at the elaboration of an Inventory of Innovative water monitoring technologies for monitoring of chemical, physical and biological parameters, and assessment of living resources.

Group Activity T2

Assessment and recommendation on advanced hydro-environmental numerical tools for data handling, real-time control and forecasting of marine conditions in the Black Sea. The main aim is to broaden the focus of traditional data processing and numerical modelling approaches by taking into account the holistic perspective in the analysis.

Group Activity T3

Pilot demonstration project on innovative monitoring using advance methods and instruments. Selecting innovative instrumentation, data handling and numerical modelling tools that are going to be demonstrated in two sea areas/test sites in Varna and Batumi.

Group Activity T4

Innovation Strategy to improve joint monitoring, data sharing and cross border information exchange systems in compliance with Marine Strategy Framework Directive and Data Collection Framework. This activity aims to develop common Strategy for supporting the implementation of modern technological upgrade in joint environmental monitoring, in service of the cross border cooperation and data sharing systems.

TIMMOD activities are in full swing. Please contact us to follow TIMMOD activities progress in detail, as well as if you wish to receive latest technical reports elaborated by the project team.


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